where are you

The excitement of Matilda's talking has yet to stop. Her little voice and strong opinions are a match made in heaven. This week her catchphrase has been "Where are you?" and she says it constantly. It is funny because I am always right there.

The last three weekends we have stayed home, trying to get everyone free of coughs and colds. But this weekend, we just had to get out. The apple farm is closing soon for the season and was practically begging us to wander the trees, hide in the teepees, and smell the crisp air. 

So we went, and it was perfect. We were the only ones there, so I didn't have to puppy guard Matilda and she was able to explore things on her own. It was crisp out, and she was wearing gloves, so I felt more protected against germs. We all laughed, we all ran around, and we all ate donuts on the way home. 

But not without hearing "Where are you?" every two minutes.

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