a year ago today

We are still in New York City, but I wanted to pop on in and say hello. Everything is fine. We are having fun visiting with everyone and getting spoiled at the RMH. I am trying to keep my cool and not engage in too many panic attacks over the fact that exactly one year ago, I was brought here in an ambulance and told Matilda likely had brain damage on top of acute liver failure. She was literally fighting for her life, and now she is this amazing one year old who is curious about everything.

I also wanted to let you know that Melanie of You Are My Fave is featuring the banner I made for Matilda's first birthday on her blog today. I am so excited to read what she has to say. I admire/adore everything about Mel, so it is a complete honor that she wanted to share my project.

I took these photos of Matilda last week. She makes me smile, even when Tyler dresses her like a boy.

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