airhead playdate, birthday prep, and alt

A few things:

Please hop on over to You Are My Fave and check out a candy themed playdate post that I was fortunate enough to contribute. It was such a fun project. Here is a little taste.

Tomorrow is Matilda's first birthday. Even typing that put a lump in my throat. I feel it now, I am going to have an emotional weekend. I have some things planned for Matilda, but not enough. I feel like I should be planning a parade down Broadway to really express my excitement and love for Matilda's first year. It was so full of life.

A few people have asked if they could get Matilda something, and I really dropped the ball in getting back, so sorry about that. I just don't feel like we need anything. We have been given so much already through meals, donations, and packages during the four months we spent in NYC and that has not been forgotten. But I did have this idea that if people wanted do something in celebration of Matilda, a donation to a blood bank in her name would be welcomed.

Lastly, who wouldn't want to take a class from this handsome professor. I would, but not really because his class is titled Water Resources Engineering and I don't think that sounds like fun. What I do think sounds like fun is the upcoming Alt for Everyone conference. Let me know if you are attending and we can pass each other virtual notes during class and giggle like we are 17.

Have a lovely weekend and get ready for birthday over-posting and the beginning of a Halloween series I have been working on.

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