big brother

Can we all just pause for a moment and recognize just how amazing this little three year old is? I mean really, he is a treasure, and I love him.

I can't imagine how hard and uncertain this year has been for him. He still gets nervous every time he hears or sees an ambulance and always asks if they are coming for Matilda. He still reflects on his time in Montana without us with fond memories and he always asks if we can go visit. He still gets protective of Matilda and always makes sure to tell everyone she is off limits. But, he also treats her like she is his little sister. He pushes her down, he makes her laugh, he acts out when she is getting too much attention, he touches her face, he pretends her feet are really stinky, and he loves her unconditionally. He is the best big brother a girl could ask for.

And while I am singing his praises, I should mention that since implementing our new positive reinforcement plan, Parker's outbursts have decreased significantly. He still has his moments, but life is a lot more peaceful with clear expectations on the table.

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