brother love + a medical update

Now that Matilda is mobile, all she wants/tries to do is keep up with her brother. I remember those days myself. Not as an almost one year old, but as a young girl following all of my brothers around like they were made of candy. I just could not get enough. And I see it in Matilda. She has some serious brother love.

Today Marks 10 months since Matilda's liver transplant. Her labs have been in the normal range and her medication levels are right where they should be. Our next visit to NYC will be at the end of September. The big news about that is that the transplant team is not requesting labs be done until that visit. It has been our routine to have her blood checked every two weeks or sooner up to this point.

I don't feel nervous. In fact, I feel confident. I trust the team and I trust that if anything changes, we will take care of it and have labs checked. It also brings me great comfort knowing that the team checks in on the blog and can keep an eye on things from a distance. We are feeling good, never comfortable, but always moving forward.

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