letting go

All month long Matilda has shown us that she is ready to explore and experience life. She loves being mobile and is always determined to get to where she wants. She cruises from object to object and typically only crawls when a standing spot is out of reach.

I feel like with every milestone, Matilda pushes me toward the reality that she needs to experience a normal life. There will be a day when I cannot keep her tucked safely in the living room or on a freshly washed blanket. There will be a day when she follows me around from room to room touching everything as she goes. There will be a day when she will want to go to the park and play with friends. It terrifies me, but I am getting used to the idea.

The other day, I was trying some shoes on Matilda and as I stood her upright to check the toes, I realized that she seemed extra stiff. So I smiled at her and she smiled back and then I let go. I don't think she knew she was standing. It lasted for a couple of minutes and then she slowly lowered herself down so she could check out what I had put on her feet.

Matilda is almost ready to take a step, and I am learning to let go.

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