mini donuts

Parker has been obsessed with donuts. It all started when I really wanted a pumpkin spice coffee and since the only drive through coffee establishment here is Dunkin Donuts it just seems silly to not buy a donut, too. So I picked up a chocolate donut with sprinkles for Parker's first day of school celebration treat. Only now every day after school he asks for a chocolate covered donut with sprinkles. What did I start?!

After trying tirelessly to explain to my three year old that donuts are not nutritious and really should be categorized as a dessert, I gave in, sort of.

We made these mini donuts out of pretzel dough and added two simple frostings (chocolate and lemon) and sprinkles of course. Parker had so much making them and Matilda had so much fun eating them. Well, really, she liked to play with them and squish the frosting everywhere and then move onto a new one.

This could have easily backfired and fed into the frenzy, but I was pleasantly surprised that my plan worked. Parker has not asked for another donut since. I am going to say that it is because spending the afternoon making, decorating, and indulging in donuts got it out of his system, but maybe it was just that ours were not as good as Dunkin's. Either way, it was the perfect way to say goodbye to summer.

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