meghan's fresh start turns sour

My sister Meghan has embarked on her own fresh start this school year. A little over a week ago, she moved to the Cayman Islands to explore, meet new people, and expand her horizon as a speech therapist. I am beyond proud of her.

You see, my sister and I have not always seen eye to eye. She is six years older than me and always wanted to guide me through life, only I saw it as bossing me around. We are very different, almost in every way. Everything always came easy to Meghan. She taught herself to read before she was in Kindergarten. I wasn't reading until 5th grade and even then it was choppy and unpoetic. I remember one night she tried to help me study for a spelling test. She told me that she just reads the words over until she has them memorized. I felt so mad at her for not understanding that I didn't know how to read, so learning to spell was pointless.  She was always the beautiful one. I will never forget when a teacher said to me, "Your sister is so beautiful... (long uncomfortable pause). You look a lot like your brothers." She was athletic, artistic, and all around perfect. So when she gave me advice it always felt like she was taking a stab at my imperfections, my weaknesses, my struggles. I hated her for being everything that I was not.

But over the last five years, I have begun to recognize that despite our differences we do love each other, we have the same taste, the same interests, and the same amount of struggles. She drove across the country with us when we moved from Montana to New York to make our lives easier. She is hands down the best aunt I have ever known. She loves all five of her nieces and one nephew (Parker) and would do anything for any of them in a heartbeat. She does what is right not what is convenient or cost effective. She also flew Parker back to NYC after Matilda was released from the hospital and stayed with us over the holidays at the Ronald McDonald House. That Christmas was filled with so much love and thanksgiving. We were blessed to have Meghan there to share it with us.

And right now my heart is breaking for her. Transitioning to a new country is difficult. Doing it by yourself is courageous. Things have not been easy. The house she is staying at was broken into two nights in a row. The first night she woke up around 4a and saw a flashlight glow moving around the house. She called the police, they found a pair of shoes the robber had left when he ran out the front door after hearing Meghan. She was missing $200. And last night despite leaving all the lights on and changing the locks, the robber(s) returned. I cannot imagine how awful things must seem for her right now. I am sure she wishes that she had a familiar face around. Someone to experience this with. I am sure that she wants to come home, and put everything behind her. But I am also sure that she will overcome these obstacles with a smile on her face, with time.

So please say an extra prayer and make a comment with helpful advice or support for the best sister and aunt ever. Right now the best thing I can do for her is to show her the love she has tried to show me my whole life.

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