Three things about Parker:

1. Last week, before school, Parker told Tyler that he wants to go to outer space. Tyler explained to him that to go to space you need to be an astronaut and that to be an astronaut you have to work really hard at school and get really smart.

So naturally, when Tyler dropped him off at school, he overheard Parker proudly tell his teacher "I need to learn a lot today." He is a good kid.

2. Parker woke up on the morning of Matilda's birthday sick to his stomach. He continued to spend the day throwing up every half an hour. He was so bummed because all he wanted to do was kiss and hug Matilda, and we had to keep them separated. It was so sad, and not how I pictured spending the day. But I am also thankful for it. Thankful that it distracted me from feeling too emotional. Thankful that it put things into perspective. And thankful that Matilda did not catch whatever Parker had.*

3. This is my favorite photo of Parker on his first birthday. I try so hard to remember exactly what he was like at Matilda's age, but the memories I have make up who Parker is as a whole, not who he was. And that makes it impossible to distinguish certain events. To me he has always been the boy that he is.

*The pictures of Parker at Matilda's birthday party were taken on Sunday when he was feeling much better.

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