craft pack bags

Using a tote to hold the craft packs was a must. We left for the hospital with nothing but Matilda's diaper bag, not expecting to be sent so far away from home. Our family sent us clothes and toiletries, but we didn't have anything to carry them in, so one of our nurses brought us a tote bag from home. It made walking down the hall to freshen up in the bathroom less awkward and trips to the RMH a lot more manageable.

We bought these bags and chose to decorate them with a few different designs using the stencil process. Really, making stencils has never been easier with the Cricut Explore. Simply choose a design, affix the stencil material to your cutting mat, and press go. Of course, if you don't have a Cricut Explore, you could complete the same process with an x-acto knife.

Once you have your stencil, tape it down and begin painting. I like to use a sponge brush, so that the least amount of paint build up will occur. It also makes for clean edges. Remove the stencil, and you have a beautiful bag. Check out this tutorial if you want a little more instruction.

The craft packs featured in this post were fully sponsored by the kind and generous people at Provo Craft, makers of the amazing Cricut Explore.

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