new beginning

Last April, contacted me to participate in an interview about Matilda. It was the new beginning that I needed. Matilda was doing well, but the transition to home after the hospital was really difficult for me. Focusing on bringing awareness to pediatric organ donation and telling Matilda's story lifted the burden that I was carrying alone.

Over the past year, mothers have found Cloudy Day Gray after reading the Fox News article. I listened as they told me their situations, their stories, their concerns. We would write back and forth for weeks, sometimes months as their children were waiting in the hospital for the opportunity to undergo a transplant. And my heart broke as EACH of them told me of their loss.

I keep in contact with some of them. I offer my support and prayers. And I am happy to be a part of their lives. To know their sons and daughters, to see pictures, and to experience a unique love. I have great hope that the work that I do in sharing Matilda's story will make a difference and save lives.

Doctors are not searching for a cure, they already know the answer. But the answer comes in the form of a gift. A gift given in love, hope, and sorrow.

P.S. I really hope these are the last snowy pictures I post until next winter. It started to melt, making it fun to play with, but very heavy and wet. Matilda kept taking off her hat and unzipping her coat. I guess 40 degrees never felt so warm.

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