run for ruby - donate life

About a year ago, I posted about Ruby Jane. I think of her and her parents often. They are such an inspiration and a loving example of moving forward after the unexpected. So, on March 22nd, I joined them (from afar) for the 3rd annual Run for Ruby in support of Donate Life.

In fact, April is National Donate Life month and I am honored to celebrate it.

On the day of the run, I was excited to head out to the 5K trail that I had used during the summer. Only, it had snowed and the trail was not cleared. I was bummed at first, but as I ran at my gym (with my shirt and number pinned on) the symbolism hit me. It is not about the trail, it is about moving forward. We never expected that Matilda would need to change course and live with a donated liver, but here we are and her trail is beautiful.

Ruby's race was too short, but her legacy is everlasting. We all have cloudy days, it is what you do with those cloudy days that defines who you are. Please join me this month by starting conversations about Donate Life, and, of course, by registering yourself and your children today.

P.S. The beautiful handkerchief was given to me by Brittany, Erin, and Melissa during their mini party for Alt.

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