mount sinai pavilion poster

Back in March, Mount Sinai Hospital (where Matilda received her transplant) contacted me and asked if I would be willing to take on decorating a space in the main pavilion of the hospital for Donate Life Month. I was honored.

I had already been talking with my friend Miranda about creating a Donate Life letterpress card and she had come up with the brilliant idea of using a balloon to represent transplant recipients. I loved it. I was also inspired by this print created by Rachel of Love from Ginger

My first instinct was to create an installation. Using large cardboard cut outs to fill the space with balloons. But after learning more about the space and wanting something that could be reused, we decided it would be best to create a poster. A 21 ft x 10 ft poster! 

Not to mention the fact that 25,000 letter-sized posters are being printed and distributed to shop windows all over NYC! And the American Liver Foundation is highlighting the poster this month as well! 

Of course, I had the help of Tyler and I learned a lot about Illustrator, which was fun. But mostly I am just really happy to be a part of something that is much larger than myself. New York ranks as one of the worst states in terms of donor registration. So, if I can invoke a conversation among friends, spark a fire in a parent, or inform a naive mind, then maybe one more life will be saved. 

I would not have Matilda bouncing around my house today, if it were not for the selfless act of grieving parents willing to bring light into my life through the gift of a donated liver. So I will not. I cannot say it enough. Please share Matilda's story with your friends and family and register yourself and your children to become organ donors today!

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