craft pack - with kids stuff world

First, let me tell you a little bit about Stacy from Kids Stuff World. We met at Alt Summit and began casually talking about how amazing the conference was when I happened to mention Matilda. Stacy teared up and gave me the most sincere hug. It felt like we had known each other for years. She is a mom of four and is determined to raise them surrounded by creativity, love, and awareness of the beautiful world they live in. Stacy posts about raising kids, activities that educate and foster exploration, as well as inspiring stories of doing good deeds. So she was a perfect fit for this project and happily jumped at the opportunity to contribute to the hospital craft packs.

Stacy and her daughter worked on this project together. I loved hearing that they sat down together and talked about what it might feel like to be a child waiting in the hospital for months at a time. Teaching children about empathy and awareness to unfamiliar situations is a lesson well learned.

Children who are in the hospital for long periods of time can become very lonely, depressed, and/or fall behind in both physical and mental development, on top of dealing with a very serious illness. Studies have shown that stimulation from music, play, and art makes a substantial difference in recovery.

So, when Stacy sent me the design for these finger puppets, I knew they would be a hit. And yes, the Cricut Exlore was able to cut the custom design out of foam sheets. Parents could easily use these little guys to entertain babies and toddlers while telling stories, and older kids can create their own characters and put on a puppet show.

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