shark steam and spray

Keeping Matilda safe and healthy sometimes means limiting her exposure to things outside of the home, especially during flu and RSV season. But, that does not mean limiting her opportunity to explore and create. The Shark Steam and Spray has dramatically changed the dynamic in our home.

We kept Matilda exclusively in one room of our (rental) house until we got the Steam and Spray. The stress of keeping the entire house sanitized and germ-free was overwhelming, but one room seemed manageable, so we managed. But as Matilda became more mobile, her curiosity and determination made it clear that a change needed to be made. And we have all been a lot happier.

The Steam and Spray cleans and sanitizes our floor in minutes. So, everyday I can easily ensure the floors are clean and safe for curious minds and fingers to roam.

And the scrub feature allows us to let loose and play hard without the worry of a tiresome clean up. In less than a minute, the floors from this art project were wiped clean.

The Steam and Spray, is easy to use, effective, and limits the stress that comes along with having an immune compromised child in the home.

*Shark was kind enough to provide this Steam and Spray in exchange for an honest review after hearing about Matilda and her liver transplant. All opinions are my own.

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