spring planting

Every day last week, Parker asked if it was Spring yet. Technically yes, but practically no. And every morning Parker would look at the snow and shout with such excitement all about how it looks like it is melting and soon it will be time to plant a garden.

I love how excited he is about Spring and planting, so I bought him a little starter kit. During Matilda's nap, we painted and planted together. We laughed and chatted. We dreamed and told stories. It was perfect.

The spirit of a four-year-old wondering about life is perfect. I let him explain to me the process of properly planting a seed so that it can grow as big as a house. I listened as hard as I could when he told me he could hear the seeds begin to sprout. And I watched as he carefully took care of his treasure.

If we could all have the wisdom and kindness of a young mind. Sometimes reality takes all the fun away. So today, I was happy to let Parker lead. And I learned more than he will ever know.

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