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During Matilda's 72 days in the hospital, I was comforted by crafts. I was not allowed to change my daughter's diaper, but I was allowed to tape pictures to her bed. I was not allowed to feed her, but I was allowed to knit her a hat. I was not allowed to rock her to sleep, but I was allowed to craft her a Halloween costume. When my arms were empty, filling my hands soothed my soul. And, that comfort and kindness will never be forgotten.

So, with the help of Provo Craft and a few friends, I was able to assemble and provide 15 craft packs for parents in the PICU at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. Each pack included supplies for three activities and a handmade tote. 

Stacy of Kids Stuff World included foam finger puppet kits that she designed using the Cricut Explore after I told her that I used to decorate sticky notes and place them on my fingers to dance around when Matilda was awake. As a bonus, older kids could decorate the puppets themselves for hours of fun. 

Lexy of The Proper Pinwheel chose one of the countless pinwheel designs available in the Cricut Design Space. I cannot think of a better way to cheer up a hospital room than filling it with pinwheels. 

Melanie of You Are My Fave selected a classic bunting design for parents to write their child's name, an encouraging word, or to allow their youngster to decorate before hanging on the wall or the bed itself. I cut out Matilda's name on large sheets of paper and taped them to the wall across from Matilda when she was in the hospital, determined to make her first nursery feel like home. Mel also helped with packaging ideas and styling. 

Over the next few weeks, I will continue to share each project with you, including full instructions on how you can make each craft for yourself. 

It was an honor to meet up with the same Child Life Specialist who provided Matilda with mobiles, toys, and soothing music during her hospital stay. Angie was so excited to see Matilda running around, laughing, and healthy, above all else. She loved that each activity reflected a memory or experience I had with Matilda, and she already had a good idea of who she wanted to donate each pack to. 

What I went though with Matilda is unfortunately not unique in any way. Everyday there are parents sitting by their children. Everyday parents are hoping for a miracle as they watch their children suffer. Everyday parents are left feeling helpless in the hospital. I cannot take away what these parents are feeling, but I can give them something to create. Something to help them move forward. Something to make them smile, even if just for a moment. 

The craft packs featured in this post were fully sponsored by the kind and generous people at Provo Craft, makers of the amazing Cricut Explore

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