donate life - blue & green day

Today feels like the most exciting day ever. It feels like Spring. It feels like life is in the air. It feels like a new beginning.

Today is National Blue & Green Day in support of Donate Life. The kids and I made little bouquets, wrapped in coffee filters (we sprayed them with watered down food coloring), tied a simple bow, and topped them off with a Donate Life pin. Then, we went for a walk, talked about all the moments together that make us happy, and dropped the bouquets in random mailboxes.

I want my kids to grow up with an appreciation of life and the moments that make up a well-lived life. It is not about money. It is not about the things that we own. Or the vacations we take. It is about kindness, compassion, and companionship.

We had nothing but love as we waited for Matilda's gift of life. It held us together, wrapped us in peace, and guarded against fear. I never want to forget that.

So today, let's celebrate! Let's think about what living life should be. Let's put down our phones, turn off our screens, and really play. Let's run in the wind. Let's laugh really hard. And, let's remember that giving a gift can be as simple as a few flowers or as profound as an organ. One looks beautiful for a few days, and the other can live on - nurturing an entire world of opportunity.

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